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Kevin Crossett is a member of:

Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA)

New England Luthiers Group

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)
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kepasa ukulele
Kepasa Ukuleles are custom made ukuleles constructed of all solid woods. Your Kepasa Ukulele will be built combining the best of vintage and modern instrument building concepts. Kepasa Ukuleles are handmade by Kevin Crossett in Middlesex, Vermont, USA.

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Kepasa Ukuleles are custom made by Kevin Crossett in Middlesex, VT. Kepasa Ukuleles are available in soprano, concert and tenor models, many of which are inspired by vintage ukuleles such as the LeDomino, Hollywood, Vita, and other makes and models from the mainland yesteryear. The Kepasa Madeira is influenced by the Dias style soprano, and the Kepasa Gypsy Rose is influenced by the early Selmer-Maccaferri gypsy guitars. The Kepasa KeVita ukulele pays tribute to the Roy Smeck Vita uke. All models are optionally available with the Mi-Si Acoustic Trio pickup system, as well as other pickup options.

News! There will soon be a Kepasa baritone ukulele available as an option, with prices starting at $1500.00. Stay tuned!

Availability and delivery time: The next start date for a new Kepasa Ukulele order is March 1, 2017, with an anticipated completion time of June 30, 2017. I occasionally but rarely have ukuleles in stock available for sale. Please check the Ukuleles For Sale page for these opportunities.



Kepasa Ukuleles are handcrafted ukuleles built with all solid woods, combining the best of vintage and modern luthiery concepts.
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